Tance Starter Kit by Eleaf Review

Breaking the age-long cigarette addiction is one of the many reasons why pod systems like the Eleaf Tance have grown in popularity. There are many brands out there, and all of them are focused on satisfying the vape market. Some products end up on the top of the ranking, while some are not just worth the while.

Eleaf is one of the many vape brands out there with the same mission, however, their style of approach is uniquely innovative, and they are quickly becoming a known vaping brand. From their establishment in 2011, Eleaf has been dedicated to providing vapers with first-class products without fail. Every one of their products utilizes the advanced technology to favour performance, thereby improving the quality of every vape session.

In their line of amazing products is the Tance Pod System. A stylish yet powerful device that is available in a variety of colour options: Black, Macaron, Black Streak, Scarlet, Star, and White Streak. You can purchase one for yourself directly from the Eleaf online store within the price range of $23.19-$27.60, depending on your region.

Together with the Tance pod device, you will also get One Tance battery, One Tance 1.2ohm cartridge, One Type-C USB Cable, and One User Manual neatly packed in a box.

In terms of its design, the Tance pod system is sleek and stylish. The device is made mostly of durable zinc alloy, and it weighs only 55 grams which makes it easy to carry around without too much trouble. It is 96.6mm tall, 24.0mm wide, and 14.0mm thick, which means the pod device is compact. Also, the sides of the device are bevelled, so there are no pointy edges or anything of the sort, which makes the device very friendly to hold in your hand.

The Eleaf Tance utilizes an intelligent draw-activated firing mechanism. In place of buttons, the draw-activation is like an automatic switch to activate the inbuilt battery whenever you go in for a draw. This feature gives the Tance pod system a striking resemblance to cigarettes, and it will not automatically fire in your pocket.

The Eleaf Tance is an open pod system, giving you the option to use any e-juice you prefer. The Eleaf Tance pod system features a 2ml pod that is easy to refill. The pod has an inbuilt 1.2ohm Ni-Cr coil that is the major reason why you can vape any e-liquid with then Tance pod device, even the ones that have high nicotine concentrations. It is also able to deliver maximum flavour and vapour output from your e-juice.

The Tance utilize IML Technology, and an Ergonomically friendly mouthpiece, making your vaping more comfortable. At the bottom of the pod is the childproof fill slot. You simply have to squeeze the fill slot and insert your e-juice – that simple. The bottom-squeeze refill method is a creative way to keep the children away and prevent any leaks whatsoever. Once you are done refilling, you will need to reinsert the pod back into the device. Don’t worry about any wobbling because the magnetic pod connections the pod sits on will prevent that.

For just a single pod device, Eleaf may have gone out of their way by introducing two different airflow inlets that can produce individual vape experiences, and it all depends on how you insert the pod into the device. The airflow inlet holes are on the two sides of the device, one on each side.

You cannot possibly talk about the performance of a pod device and exclude one important factor, its battery capacity. Without a strong battery, a pod device is just powerless no matter how exciting its features are. The Eleaf Tance Pod System utilizes a chubby 580mAh built-in battery, which is just enough power to keep you fixed on vaping all day long. Even when the battery level goes down completely, the handy Type-C USB port at the bottom of the device will jerk this device back to full power again in no time.

On the body of the device if an LED indicator which allows you to keep track of your battery level even while you vape. There are only two colours, the Green for when the device’s battery is sufficiently charged i.e. 100%-20%, and Red for when the device’s battery needs a recharge, i.e. below 20%.

Right from the device’s specifications down to its price, the Eleaf Tance is a pod device that is worth a shot. It is a promising device, and you may soon not be able to let go of it once you take your first drag.