Hemp Product Review

TAAT Review: Hemp-Based Cigarettes

Are you trying to quit smoking? You probably know about all the smoking cessation aids on the market today. While all these products are, no doubt, effective, they all have one underlying fault—they overlook the power of the sensory experience of smoking cigarettes. 

The people behind TAAT understand that smoking is not just about the nicotine hit. The sensory experience of smoking—holding the cigarette, pinching the filter, lighting it, hearing the crackling sound as it burns, and pulling through the filter—is a ritual. For some people, this ritual is what they turn to when they want to de-stress, center themselves, and calm down when things get crazy. 

TAATs are hemp-based cigarettes that are created to look, feel, smell, taste, and burn just like real cigarettes. You’re probably thinking, that’s impossible. Well, scores of people have tried TAATs and have been surprised by the realistic, cigarette-like experience it delivers. Don’t take our word for it. Head over to trytaat.com, get a free pack of TAAT today and decide for yourself.

Usually, hemp cigarettes tend to have a strong herbal flavor, but not TAATs. These actually smell and taste like cigarettes. The secret behind this is TAAT’s Beyond Tobacco base. About 98% of this base is made up of hemp and water. The other 2% is reserved for other food-grade ingredients. TAAT processes these base materials using a secret, patent-pending technique to create a hemp-based cigarette filler that is almost indistinguishable from tobacco.

TAATs are a great option if you’re trying to quit nicotine, but miss the ritual of smoking cigarettes. It is also worth trying if you’re a smoker and you’re longing for something different. TAATs come in three different flavors that mirror three of the most popular types of cigarettes.

  • TAAT Original: This has a bold tobacco flavor. It is similar to Marlboro Red, American Spirit Blue, and Winston.
  • TAAT Smooth: This delivers a smooth tobacco flavor that will remind you of Marlboro Gold, Pall Mall Blue, and American Spirit Yellow.
  • TAAT Menthol: This has the cool, satisfying taste of menthol cigarettes like Marlboro Menthol, KOOL, and Newport.

The similarities between TAATs and regular tobacco cigarettes don’t end with their appearance and flavor, these zero-nicotine cigarettes also come in a flip-top pack like regular cigarettes. Each pack contains 20 sticks and is selling for only $6.99 on the TAAT official website. If you want to buy in bulk, you can get a carton with 10 packs for about $59.99. If you just want to try it out, TAAT also sells a pouch with two sticks for $1.25. You can find TAATs in selected gas stations and smoke shops across the country.

Now, you know. The next time you’re craving the minty taste of menthol cigarettes, try TAAT’s menthol CBD smokes!

Each stick of TAAT contains 25mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and less than 0.2% of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Note: These cigarettes are designed for adults 21 years or above.