TAAT Menthol Tobacco-Free Cigarettes Review

How many mint-flavored products do you know? Menthol is a much-loved flavor, especially if it’s incorporated in cigarettes. TAAT combines hemp and food-grade ingredients to offer consumers menthol-flavored, tobacco-free cigarettes. Not only is the taste refreshing, but the thick clouds produced smell and taste exactly like KOOL cigarettes.

These KOOL tobacco-free smokes are the closest thing to conventional cigarettes you can find on the market. TAAT has designed the sticks with the same paper and filters as your favorite brand. Cut off on nicotine and tobacco while still enjoying the rituals of smoking, like placing a cigarette between the fingers and placing it on your lips. Lighting the sticks and blowing smoke in the air as you catch up with friends and family.

You get to enjoy all this without worrying about harmful substances like vitamin A acetate, tobacco, MCT oil, nicotine, pesticides, and metals. The statistics on the adverse effects of tobacco and nicotine are well documented. It is time you make the right choice by abandoning conventional cigarettes for healthier and safer products.

All products from TAAT, including the menthol pack, are produced while maintaining high levels of standard. The hemp used is sourced from farmers with years of experience cultivating the plant organically using zero pesticides or harmful chemicals. Additionally, all TAAT products come with a QR code linked to 3rd party results. Here, you get to see the ingredients and the amount used to make the cigarettes.

It will be impossible to go back to conventional cigarettes once you start the TAAT menthol pack. The minty taste will excite your taste buds and instantly make you forget the nicotine craving. You get to experience the effects 2-5 minutes after the first inhalation. This is because the inhaled smoke goes directly to the lungs, where it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. You also enjoy the effects for a prolonged duration due to the high bioavailability of smoking.

TAAT menthol cigarettes are made from 90% hemp, 5% water, and 5% food-grade ingredients. Each stick boasts 25% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. Additionally, the hemp plant contains other compounds, such as terpenes, essential oils, and flavonoids. These compounds work with an individual’s system to offer a myriad of benefits.

Inside the pack, you will find 20 king-size sticks. The box has a flip-top, making it easy to open. Additionally, the packs are conveniently designed to fit into your pocket. This makes it easy to carry it around for use when the need arises.

The design, flavor, and experience accuracy explain why hemp cigarettes are taking over as the alternative to tobacco-based products. TAAT has worked with top minds in the business to offer its consumers a healthier replica of their favorite flavor of cigarettes. So, if you have been thinking of quitting conventional cigarettes and don’t know how to go about it, head over to trytaat.com. Make the bold move and cease using tobacco and nicotine cigarettes. The best part is that you get the first pack free as a welcoming gift from TAAT.


You can never go wrong with TAAT. Not only are its products top-notch, but the price is highly competitive. Each pack of TAAT hemp cigarettes goes for $6.99. The menthol carton contains 10 boxes and retails at $59.99.  You can also make a wholesale purchase and enjoy special discounts.

The shipping and delivery process is quick, seamless, and takes 2-5days. TAAT provides free shopping for all orders above $40.