STLTH Vape Device by STLTH Review

Every transitioning smoker will get a sense of home with the STLTH Vape Device by STLTH. Draw-activated firing and nicotine salt ejuice pods are used in this closed pod system. What could a grown-up smoker want more than that?

The STLTH Vape Device – Description

STLTH is a Canadian business that created the STLTH device. Both the device and the ejuice pods may be found everywhere a vaper can be located. STLTH vape Toronto is one of the STLTH vapes in Canada while STLTH vape USA is shipped to vapers in the US. 

The designers chose a simple and basic style that yet exudes beauty and sophistication. The STLTH device has a precise oval-shaped cross-section that lends it an ergonomic design, making it easy to use even for extended periods of time. Overall the item is 18.9mm x 11.1mm x 85.5mm so you do not have any difficulty taking it around. The STLTH vape gadget is available in grey, rose gold, black, and navy blue. They do, however, offer a limited edition Canada Day Anodized STLTH Device available at Hazetown Vapes.

Rather than relying on a fire button, the STLTH has a draw-activated firing mechanism that raises the bar on simplicity. The device includes a magnetic ceramic coil pod that is inserted into the top of the STLTH unit and securely kept in place.

Battery Capacity

The STLTH initially came with a 350mAh battery, however, it has now been updated to a 420mAh rechargeable battery that can last for days on a single charge. When the battery dies, a micro USB port may be used to recharge it. It will take around 60 minutes to fully recharge the battery. In addition, the STLTH device has an energy-saving function that switches it off after 10 seconds of continuous vaping.

The device’s body has an LED light slightly below its LED light that serves as a battery level indicator. When the battery is fully charged, it displays a white light, and when the battery is low, it displays an orange light.


STLTH pods come prefilled with 2ml of ejuice, which is much more than most other pod devices on the market, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go vapers. STLTH offers a wide range of colorful flavor choices to keep your vaping experiences fresh and exciting, including Nicotine Salt. Some of the choices you have are Honeydew Menthol, Raspberry Sour Apple, Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry, Tobacco Blend, and Strawberry.

In terms of nicotine concentration, STLTH uses salt nicotine, which allows it to handle high nicotine levels without causing irritation or itching in the throat. The ejuice pods are available in nicotine concentrations of 20mg (2%), 35mg (3.5%), and 50mg (5%), so no matter whatever taste profile you pick, you’ll get precisely the perfect quantity of nicotine to fulfill your nicotine cravings.

The Canadian Federal Law no longer allows nicotine concentrations of more than 20mg to be marketed in Canada as of July 23, 2021. STLTH has modified its products to comply with the new nicotine cap regulations. They’ve released a new BOLD 35 and BOLD 50 formulation, which is a hybrid 20mg nicotine dose that is equal to the previous 35 mg and 50 mg concentrations without sacrificing quality or flavor.


The STLTH rewards you with a tight mouth-to-lung pull that closely resembles that of a real cigarette. You won’t need to vape much to satisfy your nicotine cravings because of the high nicotine concentration; each draw produces powerful throat hits that accomplish the job well. Transitioning smokers will find it simple to quit smoking for good with this configuration. It isn’t a cloud chaser’s delight, but it does generate adequate volumes of vapor for covert vaping sessions.


When you purchase the STLTH device, you will receive the following:

  • 1 × STLTH Device (Anodized)
  • 1 × Cable for Charging
  • 1 x Warranty Registration Card and Instruction Manual

Each STLTH pod comes in a three-pack, and when you buy one, you may pick which ejuice flavors you want to use with the STLTH device. For $17, you can purchase it from hazetownvapes.com. The limited-edition Canada Day Red Logo Anodized STLTH device is available for $18. 


Convenience, simplicity, and affordability are the hallmarks of the STLTH device. It’s easy to conclude that the STLTH 420mAh device from STLTH is one of the best vaping devices available for under $20.