Review of Juice Man’s Magic

Juice Man’s Magic is a specially branded e-liquid that is specifically crated to satisfy the taste buds. It is usually referred to as Unicorn Frappe and it has gained popularity in the vape industry with this name.

This e-juice gives you the taste of a cotton candy that is infused with raspberries and mangoes. It is also coated with whipped cream. The effect of the flavor is noticeable with every puff. The wonderful blend of these flavors creates a mouthwatering effect. Juice Man’s Magic is customized with a colorful design.

You can get a 100ml bottle of Magic by Juice Man’s at Hazetown Vapes for $33.juice mans magic

What makes Juice Man’s Magic interesting is its flavor which gives a natural feeling to vapers. The combination of mangoes and raspberries creates a delicious, irresistible taste.

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