Disposable Vaporizer Review

PHRUT Pink Blast Vape Device Review 

PHRUT is a relatively new vape brand created by Savage Enterprises. This company is also behind some popular brands like Ripe Collection, Savage CBD, Zen Panda, and more. The PHRUT collection includes disposable devices and vape liquids. Despite the temptation to rant on and tell you about all the different amazing products under the PHRUT brand, we’ll be focusing on just one today – the PHRUT Pink Blast.

Flavor Description

On first thought, Pink Blast sounds like an exotic explosive device that’s part of an ultra-secret project by the government. But PHRUT Pink Blast vape device is a powerful disposable vaporizer with a mouthwatering fruity flavor. This device has the yummy taste of frozen peaches and sweet pears. It is a refreshing and highly enjoyable vape juice. The very distinct peach flavor stands out when you taste it. The pear helps tone the sweetness and gives it a smoother flavor, so it isn’t too sweet. This is one of those vapes that you can puff on all day long and still enjoy the exciting flavor. The vape leaves a distinct tingly feeling on your tongue after each hit.


The PHRUT Pink Blast disposable vaporizer is a closed-pod system with a very simple design. It measures 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. The device is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. This is the perfect travel device. You don’t have to do any maintenance. Just take it out of your bag or pocket, take a few hits, and stash it away when you’re done. It doesn’t get more user-friendly than this.
The PHRUT disposable is one solid unit – you can’t take it apart. It has a simple conical shape. On top of the device is a small round mouthpiece – sort of like a straw. You don’t need to charge or refill the device. Just take it out of the pack and start vaping.
PHRUT disposable devices can give you up to 3500 puffs – that’s up to 17 times more hits than you’ll get from standard disposable vaporizers like the JUUL. The PHRUT is ideal for everyone who prefers a disposable that lasts long.
The PHRUT is pretty sturdy. It won’t break apart even if it falls from your hands accidentally.

Pod Capacity & Nicotine Level

The PHRUT has a pod capacity of 8ml, which is massive for such a small device. The good thing about this device is that the flavor doesn’t wane off as you vape. It gives you the same rich taste whether you’re taking your first puff or your 3000th.
The device comes with 50mg (5%) of nicotine salts. It produces a smooth draw that flows easily. It doesn’t burn your throat or produce a harsh hit.


The PHRUT disposable vaporizer has an 850mAh battery that will last you till the last drop of vape juice. As indicated above, you never have to recharge the device.


You can get Pink Blast and other PHRUT disposable devices from just about any vape shop. Each unit costs around $14.99 to $15.99 depending on where you’re shopping. You can also get a pack of 10 PHRUT disposable vaporizers if you want to buy more and save some money.