Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review
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Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt features a refreshing blend of freshly picked mangoes with an icy menthol finish that would leave you with a refreshing and delicious vape experience. The ejuice is also made with nicotine salts so it can accommodate high levels of nicotine that makes it ideal for helping more smokers transition from tobacco, as well as for helping many vapers who are still on the journey to a successful switch. 

Pod Salt is an ejuice manufacturer that is focused on replicating the nicotine salts found naturally in tobacco leaves, and using them in their delicious ejuice mixture to create an ideal ejuice that produces a perfectly smooth experience with minimal throat irritation. Pod Salt is a brand that was created by the UK manufacturer, MyVapery. All of their ejuices are formulated in the UK. Each flavor is designed to deliver fantastic vaping experiences every time you vape, and they have an array of flavor combinations so you get to choose what suits you best. Some of them include Mixed Berries Ice, Lychee Ice, Cuban Creme, Fresh Mint, Blue Raspberry, etc. 

Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

When you inhale, the Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid ignites your taste buds with a burst of ripe, sweet, and fresh mangoes that would make you feel like you were buying into the real deal. Just as you are basking in that tropical fruit experience, the icy goodness from the menthol flavor comes in on the exhale to tidy things up and leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied all at once. 

Overall, the flavor tastes perfectly balanced and would leave you with an impressionable after-taste even long after you have finished vaping.

The ejuice features a 50/50 VG/PG blend. This ratio offers a perfect balance between flavor and cloud production, and thanks to the nicotine salt solution, the ejuice is ideal for use in classic e-cig starter vape kits and pod vape devices. The flavor production is clear and flowing, allowing you to really bask in every note while you vape. The vapor production on the other hand is discreet but still comes with a load of satisfaction. The low vapor production makes it perfect for stealth vaping.

Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

It is available in both 11mg (18mg Nicotine Salicylate) and 20mg  (36mg Nicotine Salicylate) nicotine strengths, this way, you get to choose from the get-go, how much nicotine would be enough to keep your nicotine cravings at bay. Thanks to the presence of nicotine salts in the ejuice mixture, you are rewarded with fast nicotine absorption that stays for longer periods in order to provide you with a more intense level of satisfaction, this is definitely unlike freebase nicotine. Also, even from a 20mg bottle of Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid, you are still rewarded with super-smooth throat hits. Since 20mg is still a high amount of nicotine, it is recommended that you vape it using mouth-to-lung. You do not want to use this ejuice in a sub-ohm tank though.

The ejuice itself is actually created for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. That way, you are one step closer to the feeling of an actual cigarette as you can get.

It comes in a 10ml TPD compliant bottle with a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal. The best part is definitely its affordable price tag. At, you can get the Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt for £3.99.

The Mango Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt can be defined in only a few words; super chill and utterly delicious. It is perfect if you are an ex-smoker or vaper looking for immediate, satisfying nicotine relief but still want to get your taste buds hooked on a quality fruit blend.