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Kush Mints Indica Disposable Vaporizer by Medusa Review

Vaping presents the most convenient and fastest way to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8. Medusa understands the need for you to enjoy a seamless and flavor-filled vaping session, which is why they came up with a line of Delta 8 disposables and cartridges. Each device is designed to provide optimum performance and deliver a potent dose of Delta 8.

Among these devices is the Kush Mints Disposable. Whenever you feel like you need something to calm your nerves and help you unwind after a long day, this vape is your ideal choice. It is specifically crafted with a blend of ingredients that deliver a relaxing, calming, and peaceful high. Below is a description of everything you need to know about this disposable vape.

Product description

The perfect blend of ingredients for seamless vaping

Medusa’s Kush Mints Indica Disposable is made using pure, potent, and high-quality Delta 8 and a blend of terpenes. It has piney, citrus, and minty notes. These ingredients blend to provide an exceptional, delicious vaping experience that keeps you returning for more.

The ultimate relaxation option

Delta 8 is an excellent relaxation cannabinoid, capable of providing long-lasting calming and sedating effects. This Delta 8 disposable vape contains 2g of Delta 8. It is best suited for evening, and nighttime use as you unwind while enjoying movies or quality time with friends and family.

Easy to use

As advertised by Medusa, the Kush Mints Disposable is the go-to device for a hassle-free vaping session. This device is easy to operate, thanks to its simple design. The automatic draw mechanism makes it highly convenient to vape. All you need to do is place the ergonomic mouthpiece on your lips and begin vaping.

It comes ready to use

The disposable vape comes pre-filled and pre-charged. You no longer have to worry about charging, changing parts, or refilling the vape juice. As soon as you get the device, begin vaping and enjoy the flavor and vapor production until the vape juice runs out, and dispose of it appropriately. The powerful battery is enough to give you a few hundred puffs.

Sleek, top-tier, and convenient design

When looking at this device, you can tell that Medusa has taken its time to design a classic vape. The sleek design oozes class and sophistication. From the build material to the finish that promotes a firm grip, the people at Medusa focused on every detail. The black hue is simple yet elegant. It is impossible to go wrong with such a device.


Medusa Kush Mints is one of the best disposable vape devices on the market. It provides exceptional performance, great flavors, and a potent dose of Delta 8. Medusa’s products are made with Delta 8 extract sourced from organically hemp plants grown in the USA, and extracted using the safest technique to ensure purity, potency, and quality. All Medusa products are tested by a third-party laboratory. You’ll find the lab test results at their store

Where to buy Medusa Kush Mints Disposable

You can purchase the Kush Mints Disposable from the Medusa D8 online store for $34.99. The brand offers unbeatable discounts (up to 20%) for bulk purchases.