Vaping Review

Hyde Vape Review


Cigarette smoking is gradually becoming outdated. Hence, individuals seeking to quit smoking or enjoy nicotine hits should use e-liquid devices like the Hyde vape pens.


What is Hyde Vape?


Hyde is a British company that manufactures disposable vape pens renowned for their affordable prices, sleek design, and flavorful vapor. Hyde vape pens are simple and exceptional quality devices. Best of all, these gadgets are rechargeable and disposable too. Each Hyde vape pen contains a high concentration of nicotine salts and comes in various original flavors, including mango, pink lemonade, cherry peach lemonade, aloe grape, peach mango watermelon, blue razz, and tobacco, which offers an ultimate experience.


Hyde disposable vapes are sizable and can fit in the palm of your hands or easily tucked in a shirt or pants pocket. Prices range from around $14.75 to $17.75, hence more affordable than the competition. Besides, the vape pens come in different disposable puff sticks. The Hyde vape has various natural flavors that make your vaping experience enjoyable. You dispose of the device and pick another to enjoy a different taste when the juice runs out.


You can choose from the various disposable vapes from the Hyde line, including;

Hyde Rebel Rechargeable Disposable Vape


Hyde Rebel has 16 delicious flavors to choose from. In addition to a rechargeable battery, Hyde Rebel has a massive vaping capacity that generates 4500 puffs to ensure a lasting experience.


Hyde Icon Rechargeable Deposable Vape


Hyde Icon Rechargeable Deposable Vape has a nicotine capacity of 50g, pre-filled e-liquid capacity of 10ml, puff counts of 3300, and battery capacity of 600mAh. It also comes in 12 tasty flavors.


Hyde Retro Disposable Vape


Hyde Retro Disposable Vape is a game-changer in vaping industry. It has nicotine of 50mg, a puff count of 4000 puffs, charging using a micro USB charger, and a rechargeable battery. With Hyde Retro, you can pick from 22 different delicious flavors.


Why Choose Hyde Vape?


Hyde vape pens are an affordable option for you because of the flavorful option, higher puff count, and rechargeable so that you can use them for longer.

Hyde vape pens contain e-juice with nicotine salts and not freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts are a better option because citric and benzoic acid lowers the pH level. As a result, the juices burn at a lower temperature. Hyde nicotine vapes do not irritate the throat and are tasty and smooth.

The Hyde vape pens are user-friendly and have an innovative pen design. The exterior features of the pens contain gradients and bright colors. Hyde disposables provide an improved vaping experience because the mouthpiece and edges are rounded, making them easy and simple to use.

The vapor is highly flavorful and does not leave any artificial taste in the mouth. Instant diffusion offers you the best vaping experience. Nicotine in the e-juice is immediately absorbed in your system and quickly satisfies your nicotine craving. The candy and fruity flavors smell better than freebase nicotine e juices. If you want the best vaping experience in a few puffs, consider Hyde vapes.

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