CBDfx 500mg Vape Oil Additive Review

CBDfx is one the big names in the CBD oil industry. This company has a long list of CBD products which are sold at prices that are not that bad. As a vaper, I love the CBDfx 500 mg CBD Full Spectrum Vape Oil. Let me tell you why.

The CBDfx 500 mg Vape Oil additive contains a high-strength CBD oil. It contains 500 mg of CBD per 10 mL bottle. As the word ‘additive’ implies, this vaping liquid was designed to be added to e-liquids. You can add half or a full dropper per tank.

CBDfx takes pride in its high-quality products. Its CBD oil is made using organically grown hemp plants from its partner farms in Europe. Also, the production process only involves the CO2 extraction method. Its products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical-grade facility with strict compliance to the highest standards.

The very first instance I tried this product, I did not have any expectations at all. But I was very glad about the satisfying results. And to be honest, I did experience relief from anxiety and sleeplessness. I can feel its effectiveness in giving me a relaxed state of mind.

Do note, however, that the company does not claim its products can treat ailments like pain, anxiety, sleep disorder, etc. But you can visit its Knowledge Hub and look at the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD oil based on ongoing trials. The results are different on a case-to-case basis too. So, what is effective for me might not work on you.

Now, when you add anything to something that is already pre-mixed, expect some changes to the flavor. A lot of people find that this vape oil has an earthy taste. Others think it tastes like tea, while a few have compared the flavor to freshly cut grass. That being said, it is recommended to pair this vape oil with stronger flavors. For me, this goes well with tobacco or savory dessert flavors. Mixing this with e-liquids that have a sweet flavor is a terrible idea. They have conflicting tastes and you will most likely end up with a bad experience. But hey! Taste is subjective, so to each his own.

I found that using the least amount of additive possibly limits the taste from being altered. This is the reason why I went for the highest strength. A few drops of this highly concentrated additive slightly took away the nasty taste and provided a good, satisfying result. Now, this is based on my personal preference. Always remember to go with the strength that your body is comfortable with.

Also, like I said earlier, our bodies react differently to cannabidiol. With this in mind, you need to try the product at different ratios with your e-liquid until you can find the right balance. Yes, it is going to take some trial and error so patience really is a virtue here. But do not worry because once you discover your ideal ratio, everything else is easy peasy.

Overall, I enjoy using this CBD vape oil additive. Without a doubt, these CBD drops by CBDfx is the real deal.