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Butter Brew 100mL by Yami Vapor Review

Yami Vapor is one of the most popular vape juice manufacturers known for its unique flavors such as Taruto, Icy Trio, Juusu, and many more. They have introduced several successful vape juices to the market that matches all type of vapers. This company also created a granola-based vape juice line for those who love chocolate and fruit flavors. The company has a team of experts who are devoted to delivering mouth-watering flavors that can make your taste buds indulge in joy. They use premium quality ingredients sourced from certified sources for manufacturing their vape juices. This is to ensure that their vape juices produce an intense flavor profile and massive clouds.

Whenever you take a hit of Yami Vapor vape juice, you will feel like you are in heaven of flavor. From butterscotch to granola, to menthol to fruity, to milky and custard flavors, Yami has something for every palate. Yami Vapor is one of the best producers of vape juices in the entire vaping industry now. Certainly, each of their flavors satisfies every taste bud with delicious flavor with every draw. Butter Brew 100mL by Yami Vapor is one of the most popular among the Yami Vapor vape juice collection.

Butter Brew 100mL by Yami Vapor is a rich and sweet butterscotch delight that can satisfy all your sweet cravings. It is sweet but not overwhelming. Certainly, this vape juice enhances your mood whenever it hits your taste buds. The deliciousness of this vape juice will make your taste buds tempt you to vape all day long without putting your vaping device down.

The delicious taste of butterscotch hits your taste buds on inhaling and takes your taste buds for a ride. There will be a butterscotch flavor blast in your mouth when you continue taking draws. The sweetness of butterscotch remains the same as on inhale leaving a sweet aftertaste for a while. Same as in other quality vape juices, Butter Brew 100mL by Yami Vapor also has a remarkable vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio. It contains 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG that is quite a good combination for getting an excellent flavor profile and massive cloud vapors. This vape juice offers a smooth and throat hit that never makes any irritations to your throat even after a continuous vaping session.

Butter Brew 100mL by Yami Vapor is compatible with almost all vaping devices available on the market now. You can even use any of your existing vaping devices for vaping this e-liquid. It is available in three nicotine levels – 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Butter Brew 100mL by Yami Vapor can be purchased from Blackout Vapors for a reasonable price of $14.95. Blackout Vapor is one of the most popular online spots in the US selling vape liquids, vaping devices, and other vaping accessories at a reasonable cost. They sell products from top-rated manufacturers only, so the quality of the products you are buying from them is assured. They offer delivery services to all states in the US and Canada.